Friday, July 23, 2010

Working from home, or getting paid to watch the Game Show Network? Also, blowjobs and metaphysical crap

My office is getting a new paint job (not as fun as a blow job, but about as messy) and new carpet this weekend and the first part of the week next week. I spent all day yesterday packing, moving boxes, moving furniture, labeling, lifting things over my head, and wish works comp could kick in ASAP (but that would require me to get hurt first, so... never mind). The state of my office is currently this:

The actual state of my office is usually just as cluttered, but more in a metaphysical way... (I don't actually know what metaphysical means, and when I googled it I only got far enough in the definition to know that it's something about philosophy and it's not easily defined. I figured that was close enough and went with it. Frankly, I'm surprised you're still reading this fine piece of literature at all).

So... there will be some magical men who come into the office this weekend to paint (NOT give blow jobs... at least not that I'm aware of), then on Monday and Tuesday, different magical men will come to lay carpet (giggity). I have no idea how they are going to do this. But what I DO know is that I get to work from home on Monday and Tuesday. So... my question remains:

Am I getting paid to work or am I getting paid to watch Game Show Network?

I'll be sure to let you know.

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