Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunrise, Boozy Lobsters and Crazy People

This is what it looks like when you get up at dark-thirty to catch a flight. Kinda makes it worthwhile.

Between furlough days, the holidays, and travel days, I've been pretty busy. The pic above is from the window of my flight leaving Santa Barbara going to Los Angeles on my way to Tahoe for Christmas. (Jesus that makes me sound like a snob)

This lobster is hammied.

I've been drinking. A lot. And it's fun. This lobster was guarding my champagne at a local seafood restaurant during happy hour a few days before New Years.

It's no wonder I drink so much...

Then, it was time to go back to work, and deal with all the crazies. No wonder I drink. Sweet baby Jesus, please find me a new job.

It was a good Holiday Season. I went a little crazy, but that tends to happen. I'm lucky to still have friends and JD to support me and pull me out of my crazyhead when I need them too. More pics to come, and petty posts, I promise.


  1. Do you mind my asking how you happened across my blog? I'm sincerely curious.

    That top photo is absolutely gorgeous. I have a thing for photos taken out of airplane windows, but have yet to snap a sunrise like that. Good shot.

  2. Alex: I can't remember how I initially found your blog, but we seemed to have a lot in common, which is what kept me coming back. (I'm from Colorado originally and live in Santa Barbara now, football, hiking, etc.). Also, your positive attitude keeps me up when I'm down. Thank you!