Friday, August 27, 2010

Does It Still Count As Exercise If I'm Drinking The Entire Time?

I like to consider myself a pretty active person. I'm not the most active, but, I mean, I live in California, so there are all kinds of tree-hugging, bike riding, dirty feet, granola eating hippies (sorry *mom*) that like to show us normal people up when it comes to exercise (and the worst part? They don't even consider it exercise... it's "getting closer to nature" or "enjoying Mother Nature" or some other bullshit like that). On the other hand, if I lived in the Midwest, I could just stay home and bake pies all day and eat pies all night. That is what mid-westerners do, right? Please tell me it is, because if it's not, then I need to rethink my retirement (you know, the time when you quite working, so you no long have clients to impress, you've been married for 458 years, so it doesn't really matter that you gained a bunch of weight because you've stopped boning your spouse a long time ago anyway, and you get to stock your house full on candy for when the grand-kidlets come over so you can get them all cracked out on sugar then send them home with their parents.). So if pie making and eating is not on the short list of things mid-westerners do, I might sink into crisis mode.

Shit! I just realized I don't even LIKE pie.

While I come up with Plan B, let's get back on track...

I do the following sports on a regular basis:
  • Softball
  • Bowling
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Competitive Sailing
I also do the following things while doing the above mentioned sports: DRINK.

So, my loyal readers/followers/posse (can posse be plural? posses? posse'? posses'?), I pose this question (wow, 'pose' is really close to 'posse'): Does it still count as exercise if I'm drinking the entire time I'm doing said activity? Sometimes I actually work up a sweat. Sometimes I smoke a cigarette. (Look at me! Dr. Seuss, y'all) But I'm still active, right?!


  1. Absolutely that counts! Any time spent in a gym also counts. I like to spend a good hour in the gym every day. Sometimes I'm actually working out, but most of the time I'm reading in the women's lounge, eating a Mrs. Fields cookie.

  2. Haha, I don't know. I was disappointed when I found out that the fruit juice in my mimosas don't count as a fruit serving, as the alcohol cancels it out. It all depends on how many calories you're burning versus how many you intake.

  3. You don't like PIE? OMG :( Que te pasa? Pie is delicious. But not as good as cake. YUM!

  4. I had never heard of frisbee golf until about two years ago and it was like a door opened and the light shone through and there was alcohol and frisbees and laughter and I was like, why. Why did I never know about this. It's all kinds of goodness.

  5. Tsaritsa: You're totally killing my buzz here... fruit juice in mimosas don't count as a fruit serving? I may as well just start drinking beer in the mornings then. What a damn waste.

    Annah: Nan-bit on the pie. But I will eat the SHIT out of cake.

    Cottrell: Frolf might be the best sport ever (aside from football of course). Goodness to be had by all, indeed.

  6. hey now! We midwesterners mostly eat meat and potatoes...preferably red me and a vegetable like frozen corn on the side. The plate proportions should be half meat, quarter corn, quarter potato. If you're getting real fancy, you might have rice instead of the 'taters. As long as you got that part down, you'll fit in nicely.