Monday, August 9, 2010

Where's My Beer?! Oh yeah! Here it is...

I, um, do a lot of things around the, um, house (one-bedroom apartment), where, um, I need (want/require) a beer, but I can't carry it because I'm being too, um, productive with my hands (playing video games). Yeah, that's why I need this! (Not because I usually always have a beer open, but can rarely locate it, even though I have a one-bedroom apartment and don't have a lot of crap laying around, yeah, I still lose it all the time). So, please, support my (drinking) habits and keep me happy.


  1. haha or you could get a beer hat then you get more beer and have to refill less often! It's all about efficiency

  2. Oh, keep it strapped on like that and spread the word. Evolution will make sure all humans are eventually born with one. I'm pretty sure that's how men got their penises.