Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rediculous Facebook pages

I get a shit-eating grin on my face whenever I hit "IGNORE!" to invitations on Facebook to join a pages like "Stop Child Abuse NOW!" or "Help Stop Skinning Live Unicorns!" I mean seriously? If we need Facebook pages to tell people that we are against shit like this, what kind of world are we living in? And in case you feel like these pages are NEEDED, I have a few more suggestions for future pages you need to create:

  • Don't, I repeat, DO NOT eat babies
  • Try really hard to not trip old people
  • Stop calling old people "old people" call the old people the "elderly"
  • Don't tell people they look mulatto (even if they are)
  • Stop giving money to homeless people... (seriously, all they do is buy booze and get drunk which totally makes them lose any motivation to find a job and get a life.)
Now that I think about... all these Facebook groups/pages/whatever are seriously negative. Maybe I'll start some new, more positively charged pages like:
  • I'm awesome! Give me money!
  • Support NOT eating babies!
  • I agree! Unicorns are real!
What's the most ridiculous Facebook page YOU'VE been sucked into? Mine was: "If I get enough fans on this page, my sister will name her kid Megatron!" I've showed you mine, now you show me yours.


    1. I love your blog! There are too many ridiculous groups.

      Please stop by my blog

    2. Oh honey I agree. AMEN! :) "Stop eating babies". hahahaha. Ju funny